Paulina Logan

Paulina is the beautiful voice you'll hear in Girl Makes Indie Movie episodes. Her smooth deep vocals will sooth your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. When you feel like you're all alone in the world and no one understands you, Paulina will keep you company.

- "Girl Makes Indie Movie" web series press

Now for those of you out there in the indie music world who don’t believe that your hard work can and will eventually pay off… pay close attention to the flowing success of Paulina Logan. Of course, her songwriting skills and the talent she delivers is exceptional but this is a mentor you can rest assured won’t lead you astray.

Be sure to lend an ear to this wonderful singer-songwriter who’s breaking the mold… in an extremely tough business to crack, Paulina Logan is swinging a sledge hammer of musical excellence!

- Duss Rodgers

 If You Try is a great album in all aspects. With songs that stick with you and evoke such powerful emotions, Paulina Logan has proven herself to be a wonderfully well-rounded musician.

5 out of 5 stars

- Swift Reviews

Logan puts a slight twist on the classic folk sound in such songs “Write You As Song.” The production is solid, with a sharp drum track and a second line of instruments that doesn’t detract from her strong voice.

There have been comparisons to Jewel, which is fine with Logan, apparently. There is something softer about Logan, based on “Write You As Song” and “Lovely.” In addition to being on a couple of nice compilation CDs, Logan sent her own collection, Wallflower, out into the world. She is reportedly working on (another) CD, which is much anticipated by those who enjoy her strong and melodic voice.

- Indie Update

Everything is working together: the vocal, which is exceptional, the melody, the production, everything. This is all so seamless and instinctive, with everything just following the vibe, and pushing it forward, like trapping a wild spirit. I would buy this. And, I would play it a lot.

- Taxi Music review of Paulina's song "Stay"

I also really enjoyed Paulina Logan’s “Not Alone At Christmas”... gorgeous voice!

- Bill's Music Forum

It’s a low-key, eclectic collection with... soulful singer/songwriter sounds (nice to meet you, Paulina Logan!) thrown into the mix.

- Goldmine Magazine

(Logan’s) voice is outstanding and (her) vocal style has a sexy swagger and confidence to it.

- Foley Entertainment

I had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely artist by the name of Paulina Logan. Her insightful and honest responses definitely leave me hoping that her star continues to rise and rise. She’s not a pop tart, but a full-bodied Cali girl!

- D.A.M. Magazine

As an album, Wallflower in an interesting listen, and even more so, an interesting experience. This album does in fact have something to offer for anyone looking for new music. From electronica, to hip-hop, to punk rock guitar riffs to a jazz style trumpet solo, Wallflower by Paulina Logan is bound to catch you off guard, wanting to explore her music further.

- Mic Control

Paulina Logan, a California singer/songwriter, is a breath of fresh air with her enthusiastic and eclectic styling. Her voice is at times angelic and other times it has a raw edgy feel that ranks her high on the list of up-and-coming musical acts of today. She has the potential for greatness.

- Target Audience

Paulina Logan’s ability to combine multiple musical styles with strong and meaningful lyrics and some top-notch, well polished production results in Wallflower being a listening pleasure and hopefully a taste of things to come for future releases.

- Hubbub UK

Paulina Logan does a fantastic balancing act between world music and adult contemporary genres on her album Wallflower. The production of Wallflower is overwhelmingly stellar. It's one of those albums with a ton of sounds going on, but nothing muddying up the mix.

- Awaken Music

It’s clear that Logan is talented with an authorial voice that is likely to produce more good material over time. Wallflower is a positive introduction to Paulina Logan for those of you haven’t heard of her before. Check it out.

- Wildy's World

Singer/Songwriter Paulina Logan is one of the new voices of indie music. Her sweet tunes, fun lyrics, and gentle voice certainly make her a sensational act not to miss.

- Junior's Cave Online Magazine

Paulina Logan writes and performs music that packs lots of emotion. (She) is definitely one of the most intriguing songwriters I have heard.

- Guitar Living